Thursday, September 27, 2018

Fair Condition, Some Pages Missing by Last Thursday Book Club

Nine memoirists gathered al fresco on Parkside Circle to determine if Joseph Badal knew what he was talking about.  The host and Poet Laureate provided these insights:

... and from far off the bookshelf:

We're experiencing a Rocky Mountain high in Colorado without the assistance of weed, enjoying the hikes and scenery around Frisco (no, not CA), so I won't be able to join in the discussion Thursday. It was a delight to read my fellow club members' memoirs in Fair Condition, Some Pages Missing. Thank you, Keith, for suggesting we do this in celebration of our club's silver anniversary.

   Dick Arm's story touched me deeply. It was fun learning more about the backgrounds of each of the club members and how those early days shaped their lives.

   For example, I didn't know Gary played tennis and the organ, Keith played bridge against Omar Sharif, and Ron played cornet in a band. Nor did I know how Mike made money to pay for his stamp collecting or how Bob Woods was admitted as a junior to Princeton.  All of you led fascinating lives and made extraordinary contribution. It was fun to read about them and I learned a lot. I would give the collection an "A." I'll miss connuing the discussion of your lives on Thursday night.
   Warm regards, Jack